[LIFE Groups] Night: Risky Business

Set List: Lord, Reign in Me; You Are Holy; Love Is Here; Heart of Worship

Scripture Used: Luke 4:14-30; Isaiah 61:1-2

Additional Resources Used: Iron Man 3 trailer.

Evening in a Sentence: We spent time in our [LIFE Groups] exploring Luke’s account of Jesus’ return to His hometown, and used that as a springboard for discussion on whether or not we are called by God to do things for Him.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Iron Man 3 Trailer.

What Worked: There was a lot that worked very well tonight. Our [LIFE Group] lesson times were very productive, challenging students and encouraging them to dig into an accountability relationship if they have not done so already. Our times in music at the beginning and the end of the evening were very positive, with most everyone joining in. Our new element, the Conversation Couch (in which I invite one girl and one guy to share how this month’s HABIT has impacted them) was a very good addition, allowing students to share their experience and give us some solid support for other students to pick up this HABIT. We were also able to welcome a new student this evening who came with a friend, and is very excited to return next week!

What Needs Work: There are still some small issues with getting some students to engage in discussion while in [LIFE Groups]. We are also still struggling to get leadership in place early enough in the evening to get started on time. A fair amount of teens have not made any real effort to engage themselves in an accountability relationship, leaving the teaching little more than a good lesson for now. (Some have been trying but have been struggling to find a good match).

Summary: Tonight was a very encouraging evening for us, and one that allowed us to dig deep into the Scriptures, and help students apply it to their lives. Though some students have not engaged this HABIT, there are several who have made a serious effort and are finding out that it is a very good HABIT to have in their own lives.

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 6

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 13
Leader Numbers: 5