Too Far?

Have we gone too far in our political advertising?

Yesterday I fired up my Xbox and started into a quick game of NBA Jam (The Arcade “On Fire Edition” of course). After a few minutes of playing 2-on-2 with comically oversized heads, I noticed that there was some… curious… ads running on the wall in front of the broadcast desk. Now, I consider myself an informed citizen. Though I do not pour enormous amounts of my time into listening to what politicians have to say, I know where to look when I want to know what they have to offer. And I certainly have grown weary of this season of attack-ads from just about every corner of creation.

I am not a fan of political ads intruding upon my video game time.

Let me say, kudos to President Obama’s supporters for getting exposure in a video game. He has been one of the more engaging presidents in my lifetime, and he (or someone on his staff) realizes the value of infiltrating social media (I have already blocked posts from both he and Michele Obama on Facebook because I am not a fan of seeing political spam show up in my news feed). This year has seen some really outside-the-box thinking on how to get their message out to the voters.

But it really takes me out of the escapism of the game when my eye is constantly attracted to an ad to go vote for the current President! (There are 4 or 5 different signs that rotate, and this one pops up about every 45-60 seconds). And yes, I know that I may be able to get around this by disconnecting my Xbox from the internet before playing this game, but I really do not desire to do that every time I want to play this game.

Please politicians, you have gone too far to get a vote. Leave my video game time alone!

What say you?