[LIFE Groups] Night: Accountable Relationships

Set List: Every Move I Make, Better is One Day, Your Love is Everything, After All

Scripture Used: Psalm 133; John 13.35

Additional Resources Used: None.

Evening in a Sentence: We spent time in our [LIFE Groups] discussing how accountable friendships help to build us up and hold us to God’s standards through the difficult times in life.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner.

What Worked: Our time over dinner was a different experience and offered us a good opportunity to catch up with students. It also allowed us to make good connections with both new students who came for the first time tonight. Our time in [LIFE Groups] encouraged a lot of thinking, if not a lot of discussion (some students still prefer to listen more than they speak). Our time in worship allowed many of our teens the opportunity to express their praise to God.

What Needs Work: I am not certain that many teens are taking us up on our challenge to find an accountability partner. We also had more apprehension from students about singing their praises during our time spent in music. We are still missing several of our Middle School students (and a few High School students) due to sports and other school complications.

Summary: Tonight was a smaller, quieter evening which in a lot of ways is just what we want for [LIFE Group] nights. Though we are still missing some teens, we are continuing to invest into the teens who are here and tonight was a great opportunity to connect with them.

Student Numbers: 14

Leader Numbers: 6

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 18
Leader Numbers: 7