HABIT #2: Accountability

Set List: Cry of My Heart, Blessed Be Your Name, One Thing Remains, How He Loves

Scripture Used: Proverbs 18.24; Ecclesiastes 4.9-10; Proverbs 12.15; Proverbs 27.6; Genesis 2.18; James 5.16; Proverbs 27.17; 2 Samuel 12.1-14

Additional Resources Used: funny can’t find your glasses – a YouTube video of a woman who cannot find her glasses). Easy Sword Sharpening – a video detailing how to sharpen a sword and the difference between sharp and dull blades. A clip from Marvel’s The Avengers where the team assembles against the alien hordes.

Evening in a Sentence: God did not make us to be alone, and we need to find genuine, authentic friends who will help us grow deep in our walk with Christ.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner. Marbles Grande. 2 students play a form of marbles, using ping pong balls. The prize was 3 1/2 pounds of candy. Our competitors did not win.

What Worked: Our music was strong again this week, even with a new song being introduced. Our lesson hit home with many teens, and they were all challenged to find a genuine, authentic friend. Our challenge was a lot of fun to watch, and our competitors actually gave away their prize (a handful of candy each). Half of the students engaged in discussion during the large group teaching. Our limited time in [LIFE Groups] were very beneficial for our High School students tonight. Closing the message time with an interactive reading of David’s encounter with Nathan was a rousing success. Dinner was an asset tonight, and the Whitesels did fantastic work getting it prepared and served, as well as cleaned up. We even had a couple of students who started setting up tables and chairs in the Glass Corridor without being asked! I used Prezi rather than PowerPoint this week, and it was well-received by our crowd. If you would like to see the full Prezi display (you can see everything that was on our screen during the lesson time) simply go here.

What Needs Work: We were shorthanded, missing three leaders, and of the ones present half arrived later than we needed. This negated our ability to start the evening in prayer as a leadership team, and there were times I definitely felt that loss. Our middle school guys [LIFE Group] had a rough time in their discussion period, and it is difficult to gauge how much they got out of it. There were a handful of teens who left without discussing their need for an accountability relationship and a plan to find one. Our numbers were back down after growing the past few weeks, especially our middle school girls.

Summary: Though we were down numerically, tonight was a very solid evening of ministry. The lesson challenged our group, and many shared how an accountability relationship would aid in their growth as a Christian.

Student Numbers: 15

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 18
Leader Numbers: 6