This chapter is perhaps one of the briefest I have read in this book thus far. On top of that, it covers a very simple concept. Lewis talks about charity being so much more than what we have turned it into. It is not merely giving alms for the poor. Charity is about loving everyone around us.

There is a distinction between loving someone and liking someone. We as Christians are to do everything in our power to show genuine love toward other people, even the ones that we do not like. I really resonated with the example Lewis gives bout how when we are cruel, we can only become more cruel. But if we are loving, and showing charity (Love in the Christian sense), then we can only become more loving. Lewis really brings it home when he talks about how we are to show love toward God. Remember, we can only love because He loved us first. But even when we are not able to feel feelings of love, we are to think what we would do (not feel) if we were in love with God. Then, we do that very thing. To Lewis, Christian love is not an emotion, but it is actions that we do to show God’s love for others.