CHICAGO Memories

One of the shortcomings of a trip in the student ministry world is that the memories fade over time, and with those memories life-altering experiences can lose their impact. One of the ways that I try to keep the fires burning after a trip or event (or even a regular lesson) is to create a video record of it and get it into my students’ hands. Sometimes this is as simple as editing a quick highlight clip and uploading it to Vimeo (or YouTube). But after a big trip, I like to create DVD’s for all parties involved.

Now, I know that DVD is a dying media format. But in my area, students still use them (the ones that aren’t busy pirating bootlegs, anyway). It gives students something tangible to hold onto, hopefully to make the experience more concrete to them for a long time.

For our CHICAGO trip I compiled a DVD that includes a 25 minute long video compiled of clips I (and others on the trip) recorded during our week in Chicago. This video includes testimonials from nearly everyone on the trip sharing how they were impacted by the experience as well as footage of them leading ministry, doing home construction and repair, and goofing around. There is also a shorter clip video that we shared with our congregation on the morning we shared our experience with our church body. There is also a DVD-R included that has all the pictures I (and a couple of the students) took over our week in Chicago. (Most are already hosted on our Flickr account, but there are a few here that did not make the cut for uploading).

What do you do to help your students remember their experiences?