[LIFE Groups] Living Like Jesus (9.26)

Set List: Holy is the Lord, Our God, By Your Side, Here I Am to Worship

Scripture Used: Luke 2.41-52 ; 1 Timothy 4.12-15

Additional Resources Used: None.

Evening in a Sentence: We spent time in our [LIFE Groups] discussing how Jesus grew as a result of his time spent hanging out with God.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner.

What Worked: Students continue to respond well to our times in worship, and our dinner this week was a fantastic time of students and leaders engaging in conversations. Some of our [LIFE Groups] used a skit to cement the points of the lesson and really enjoyed it. We combined the Middle School groups into one group and it seemed to go over well, giving them some more people to blend in with and eliminating some of the apprehension to engage. There was a lot of deep, meaningful discussion about the topic for the evening, and the points seemed to stick for most of our teens. Some of our groups were even able to think long-term about the life of our [LIFE Groups], talking about what they want to see from the group in a year and beginning to draft a group covenant. And we continue to gain steam on our attendance numbers, welcoming back one of our new teens from last week, and some other teens that we have not seen in a while.

What Needs Work: We started the evening behind schedule and were late getting our dinner out to the crowd. Though the Middle School group was larger, they still were a bit apprehensive in discussion.

Summary: Another great evening for our [LIFE Groups], and a great picture of what we hope to see them become down the road.

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 8

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 21
Leader Numbers: 5