Service Night (Wednesday Recap: 9.19)

Tonight was the first monthly Service Night of our new one80 schedule. And this evening was a fantastic one.

We spent around an hour with the children who are currently living at the Haven Center in Lorain. There were around 14 children by my rough estimation, and a few of their parents were with us as well. One of our leaders even recognized one of the families from our church’s clothing give-away a couple of months ago, and was able to reconnect with them. And as a bonus side note, we welcomed two new teenagers and increased our overall attendance compared to the past couple of weeks.

Our students were genuinely moved this evening by their experience. They played games with the children, colored pictures and made paper airplanes, and even made puppets with them. They talked about life, and had fun playing with ping pong balls and cups of water. And at the end of the evening they were so touched that most of them realized just how blessed they are in their own homes. We were also able to talk briefly about how their time with the children was a tangible expression of God’s love in their lives.

A great evening of ministry, and something that our group is looking forward to building upon.

Student Numbers: 14

Adult Numbers: 8