[LIFE Groups] Hang Time With God (9.12)

Set List: I Will Worship, Open the Eyes of My Heart, God of Wonders, Stronger

Scripture Used: Psalm 1; Psalm 3; Psalm 34.8; Luke 5.16; John 15; Philippians 4.6-7

Additional Resources Used: Fruit and water for object lessons.

Evening in a Sentence: We spent time in our [LIFE Groups] to help our group understand the importance of Hanging Out With God regularly.

Element of Fun: Worm Race: 2 students are brought up front. Each player must go headfirst into a sleeping bag and crawl like a worm to the other side of the room. The race track will be lined by chairs in order to ensure that neither worm gets too far off-course. The winner is the first to cross the finish line. Contestants can have an partner who will direct them to the finish line. Fellowship time over dinner.

What Worked: Tonight was a smaller evening as far as attendance, but it did allow us to really invest in the students we had present. Much of the evening was spent in discussion around Psalm 1, and it seems as through just about every teen we had engaged. Most teens were able to share their experiences over the past week of Hanging Out with God. The lesson really did force them to think a little deeper about how they spend time in Scripture. Our time in music was a good experience, and Autumn taught a new song this evening. Our challenge was fun to watch. Dinner gave us some great time to converse with our teens. Our leaders continued to be passionate about our teens and they really added a lot to our [LIFE Group] times.

What Needs Work: Dinner schedules continue to be a work in progress, and we are shifting gears on how we handle that in the coming weeks. Though the challenge was amusing to watch, it felt like we were trying to cram too much into the evening. We continue to run in smaller numbers compared to last year, especially in our middle school groups.

Summary: Tonight was a great night for [LIFE Groups]. Our teaching series really seems to be landing and is both challenging and encouraging our students.

Student Numbers: 11

Leader Numbers: 8

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 22
Leader Numbers: 7