Social Morality

This is a great, brief chapter. In the span of 6 pages CS Lewis sets up an argument for what a Christian society should look like, and tells us what or roles as individuals would accomplish such a state. I must mention that he does state that while Lewis shares a lot of general commands that we see in Scripture, there are some areas where we as Christians need to do legwork in order to accomplish these things. I especially love the paragraph where Lewis walks through all the things a truly Christian society would do. I look at that list and scoff, because Americans do not hold these values as important as a nation, and people still want to claim that we are a Christian nation.

One area I am not sure I line up with Lewis 100% is when he describes the role of clergy to be focused solely on our eternal nature. As a practicing Youth Pastor, I am positive that the role of clergy cannot be restricted solely to the Spiritual. I do understand that Lewis was making a statement of how we need to have Christians leading in all fields outside the church and that we cannot expect the clergy to step into those positions to lead. But it does dance a little too close to a sacred/secular split than I am comfortable with.

All in all, this look at social morality was very encouraging. There is no new morality, only crackpots teach that. To teach morality we must remind people of the statutes that have been around since the beginning.

What do you think about social morals?