How Did You Find Me? vol. 22

It has been a long time since I have done one of these “How Did You Find Me?” posts. Nearly 4.5 years, in fact. But as I sit here killing time before bed by re-reading some of my older blog posts, I find myself curious about how people have stumbled across my blog. I have picked up several new readers over the past year, but people still find me through search engines. So here is a somewhat nerdy post full of numbers. I’ll try to keep it entertaining…

Top 10 search terms in the past month:

  • 30 searches: The Dark Knight 2008
  • 16 searches: fat man in speedo
  • 13 searches: dear god
  • 8 searches: questions to ask Mormon Missionaries
  • 8 searches: The Dark Knight
  • 7 searches: sticky faith review
  • 7 searches: football games
  • 7 searches: what kind of car does joel osteen drive?
  • 7 searches: ministry evaluation questions
  • 6 searches: mormon tablets

Oddest search terms in the past month:

  • fat man dancing in a speedo. I thought I had seen it all in search terms for my blog. I was wrong.
  • what does joel osteen do with his money. I don’t really know.
  • mullets. ‘Nuff said.
  • speedos fat. This one just seems lazy.
  • old men in speedo swimsuit pictures. I didn’t think it could get worse. I was wrong again.
  • naked youth groups. I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Wow.
  • bloke in a bikini. I am wrong a lot today.
  • “bubble blowing lessons.” I really do not know what is on my site that would trigger this one.

There are many more. I see that a lot of people are wondering what I have to say about Charles Stanley and Joel Osteen. There is also a lot of traffic for Christian haunted houses – both alternatives to run and how to put one on. The Spiritual Discipline posts have also triggered some traffic. There were also a ton of searches for encouragement and its role in youth ministry, as well as people looking for how to run a leadership meeting.

All in all, a fun exercise this month. I just might make this a regular thing again.