Fall Preview 2012 (Midweek Review 8.29)

Set List: Marvelous Light, Enough, Your Grace Is Enough

Scripture Used: none specific

Additional Resources Used: Zamboni Race Game

Evening in a Sentence: Tonight was a chance to get students eased back into the [LIFE Group] experience, welcome new leaders and look ahead at what is coming this fall.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Zamboni Race (in which a video of three Zambonis race and the winner received a Starbucks gift card).

What Worked: We were able to welcome a new student to our group. [LIFE Group] time was a very good experience, especially the part where we invited students to create a mural featuring what they want to see God do in their lives and in one80 over the next year. A few even brought some favorite passages of Scripture into their dreams. Music was a solid portion of the evening, as was the relational time during dinner. Students were excited to see what is coming to one80 this year. The random students I asked to explain one80′s mission statement (Catch, Grow, Release, Repeat) did a fantastic job when put on the spot.

What Needs Work: The laid-back atmosphere was too laid-back at times for my taste, and we wound up not being able to commit as much time to [LIFE Groups] as I would have liked. Dinner was a rush job and we need to get a little better prepared for that moving forward.

Summary: As a preview evening, tonight was a good night. We welcomed a new student, welcomed a student we haven’t seen all summer, and got students excited about what is coming. It is going to be a good year for one80.

Student Numbers: 10

Leader Numbers: 7