CHICAGO Sharing (Tuesday Night Recap 7.24)

Set List: Marvelous Light, 10,000 Reasons, After All (Holy), By My Side

Scripture Used: none specific

Memory Verse: none given this week

Additional Resources Used: None (no media tonight)

Evening in a Sentence: The CHICAGO 2012 team took the floor to share in depth about their experience on our mission trip at the beginning of July.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner with parents, siblings and other members of the church

What Worked: Giving the students ample opportunity to plan and share about their trip in depth allowed the congregation to see behind the curtain a little. Our teens were excited to share inside jokes, stories of encouragement, and when asked, how they have changed as a result of this trip. Pastor Joel asking students to share how the trip affected them at a spiritual level really brought the evening home after a lot of time sharing funny stories and tales of job-site frustration. Our times in music were phenomenal, particularly when the entire team led our closing songs.

What Needs Work: There were times when too much attention was given to the fun and the pranks, distracting from the work that God did. We missed a lot of students tonight, with only one or two present who were not on the CHICAGO trip.

Summary: A different feel for our summer series, it was fantastic to have our teens share their hearts with members of the congregation that do not normally get to see to such depths in our teens.

Student Numbers: 12

Leader Numbers: 4

Congregation Numbers: 14