A Return to Sonlife

This morning I returned from Chicago after a short stay (early Wednesday until about 10amFriday once the plane finally took off). I was there for two reasons. The first reason was to be trained in Sonlife’s Live 2|6 strategy. (I was originally going to take part in this training earlier this year, but those plans fell through). The second reason was the opportunity to observe Sonlife’s SEMP conference. I am very familiar with Sonlife and their training (I am a bit of a product of theirs, with a large chunk of my learning through late High School and my earliest ministry leadership coming through Sonlife materials), and it was a great refresher to return to some of my ministry roots, if even for a little while. There was a lot to cram into these 2 days, so much in fact that I am having a hard time unpacking everything yet. But I wanted to get a few things down before I forget them.

Live 2|6
Modeling training after what Jesus did in His own ministry here on earth is refreshinglysimple. So simple in fact, that we often miss it. I had the pleasure of being taught by Dann Spader and Don Roscoe, both of whom are immensely knowledgeable in the life of Christ and imparted so much in such a short amount of time. It has been a long time since I have been challenged so much about Jesus’ ministry, and made to look at things through a fresh lens. I am really excited to get plugged into an ongoing training group that will allow me to explore this even deeper. If there is a training opportunity in your area, I would encourage you to take part in it.

SEMP is a week-long training experience that seeks to equip teenagers to share their faithwith their peers. It involves equal parts classroom training, practical experience on the streets of Chicago, prayer and small group debriefing. I went through this training twice as a teen (it was called Operation Good News then, as it was C&MA-specific), and it was very beneficial then. It was exciting seeing a few hundred teens getting excited about sharing their faith with people on the streets of Chicago, and sharing how God worked in and through their efforts.

The elevated train in Chicago: Lots of fun. Walking around the city: Enjoyable, but sweaty since it was so hot and humid. The flight there: Somewhat roomy since the plane was not filled to capacity, but I do not want a 6am flight after a full day of ministry and less than 3 hours of sleep again anytime soon. The flight home: Very crowded, and takeoff delayed by an hour. Finally got to start a conversation with my seat-mate just before we got off the plane.

Check out the SEMP and Live 2|6 videos below (or click through the hyperlinks above) if you want more info.