Red in the Ledger (Tuesday Night Recap: 6/26)

Set List: Shadows, Lord Reign in Me, The Heart of Worship

Scripture Used: Joshua 2; Matthew 1.5; James 2.20-26

Memory Verse: Psalm 103.11-12

Additional Resources Used: None (no media tonight)

Evening in a Sentence: The Black Widow has red in her ledger that she is trying to wipe away; Rahab has red in her ledger that she wants wiped away; can either one clear their own slate on their own?

Element of Fun: Decipher. Students compete to see who can decipher the coded message the quickest. But one of their fellow (adult) spies is actually a double-agent who can trip them up!

What Worked: There was a lot of down time tonight with a smaller crowd, and we were able to welcome two brand-new students. The cardboard standups really helped to anchor the series. Our group was able to have a couple of smaller groupings that dove into each others lives and connected very well. Music was solid again this week. Our challenge was intriguing to the students and was able to get them all involved even though only 4 were selected to compete. The interactive Bible reading was a riot, and students really dug into it. (Look for the video later this week). Having students write down what red is in their ledger and then burn it really seemed to connect with most of them, and opened up some good doors for discussion at the end of the evening. All of the girls went out for ice cream after the evening was done, and one of our leaders was able to join them and extend one80’s ministry beyond the figurative walls of Tuesday night’s lesson time.

What Needs Work: The smaller groups seemed almost clique-ish and may have been a negative on group cohesion for the evening. The discussion time may have been too short for much depth at the end of the night.

Summary: This was a solid night on many levels. My prayer is that the lesson sticks and students really hold onto the challenge to find someone who will come alongside them and help hold them accountable in their faith.

Student Numbers: 11

Leader Numbers: 5