Ready, Aim, Change! (Tuesday Recap, 6.13)

Set List: After All (Holy), Forever Reign, Lay Me Down

Scripture Used: Acts 7.54-60Acts 9.1-19Romans 7.14-25

Memory Verse: Romans 7.22-23

Additional Resources Used: None (no media tonight)

Evening in a Sentence: Hawkeye and Saul both were under the control of evil, until they were shocked back into reality and into the service of good.

Element of Fun: Ready, Aim, Fire! Students compete in a Lawn Dart throwing competition in which they were awarded points for accuracy and distance.

What Worked: A lot of tonight was fantastic. Getting outside the church allowed for us to have a more open time together. Ultimate Frisbee was a resounding success. The music was strong this week, with all the group engaged. The lesson recap of last week was spot-on, and a couple of teens even showed that they have been memorizing the Scripture I gave them last week. The Reader’s Theater was much better this week, having 4 teens read the passage aloud rather than acting out what I read. The lesson hit home for just about everyone here this week. There was a lot of excitement to simply hang out together. Tonight saw the return of a couple teens who have been MIA for a while, and one teen who we have only seen 2 other times this year. Our discussion group time was brief, but rewarding as teens put the pieces together on their own.

What Needs Work: There were some areas of planning that need to be done better next time. There are a couple of teens who I need to discuss some issues with that could be a problem down the road. We were missing two of our leaders.

Summary: Last week was a solid start. This week was a great way to build on that start. It was a very fun evening that allowed our teens to really engage with the role of sin and God in their lives.

Student Numbers: 14

Leader Numbers: 4