Hulk Smash Saul!

Set List: No music this week.

Scripture Used: 1 Samuel 8, 9-10, 13, 18-19, 31

Memory Verse: Proverbs 15.18

Additional Resources Used: None (no media tonight)

Evening in a Sentence: The Hulk had anger issues, and so did Saul. But what can we learn from them both about our anger?

Element of Fun: Hulk Smash. Two students are selected at random, given over-sized Hulk hands, and must race through daily tasks that are difficult to perform with said Hulk hands (shutting off an alarm clock, brushing teeth, etc.). The faster contestant wins a copy of The Incredible Hulk on DVD.

What Worked: Our Hulk Smash game was a lot of fun for teens to watch. The Ice Cream Sundae Bar opened up a lot of good discussion time for our teens. The lesson topic landed well, and set up some good discussion during [LIFE Group] times. Tying Saul to the Hulk really connected with most of our group. Even though it is not in the teaching notes, the question was raised about whether anger is bad in and of itself, which led us to some brief discussion about righteous anger and selfish anger. Not having access to technology forced me to plan for the evening to rest completely on the written lesson. The Memory Verse cards were a good move.

What Needs Work: We were down numerically, and were missing our lead worshiper. The Reader’s Theater portion of the evening was… lackluster. I forgot to hand out the directions to Mill Hollow for next week. Not having access to technology meant the evening rested completely on the strength of the written lesson.

Summary: For a start to the summer series, tonight was a bit quieter than I was hoping for. But the lesson landed, there was solid discussion, and teens were able to experience a deepening of their relationships with adult leaders. A solid evening on a lot of levels.

Student Numbers: 13

Leader Numbers: 5