Welcome to Middle School!

It has been a while since I posted anything student ministry-specific that wasn’t our weekly debriefing. Well tonight we are preparing to welcome our upcoming middle school students into one80’s ministries! (This is a big moment for us as we are not only welcoming upcoming 7th graders, but this year we welcome upcoming 6th graders as well! But more on that transition later, hopefully).

To welcome our new middle-schoolers (another shift for us as we are stepping away from the junior high/senior high labels) we are inviting all new students, current students, and their families to join us off-site at a picnic pavilion in a local park (the fact that it is indoors will benefit us greatly today, as it has been raining all day long). We will share food, games, some music (possibly) together, and around the middle of the evening we will separate the students from their parents. While the students are hearing all about the “lay of the land” from our current crop of teens, their parents will be free to hear our heart for their children, get a glimpse of where we will be heading as a ministry, and be given an opportunity to ask our leadership questions about the ministry.

This is a new idea for our church, and I am praying for a great success as we start ministry out correctly with this new batch of students and their families.

And who knows? Maybe I will post a couple of pictures as well…