Apocalypse (Tuesday Night Recap, 5.22)

This week concludes our How to Read the Bible series. You can access teaching notes from the fall/winter run of HTRTB by clicking here, and you can access the notes from the spring run by clicking here.

Set List: Your Grace is Enough, Mighty to Save, Holy is the Lord

Scripture Used: None specific, but several passages from Ezekiel, Revelation, Isaiah and Genesis were referenced.

Additional Resources Used: Lesson Bump Video

Evening in a Sentence: Apocalyptic Literature is very different from the rest of Scripture. And it is quite dangerous if mishandled.

Element of Fun: Look Down, Look Up. Students will gather in a circle, facing one another. When given the command to “look down” students will look at the ground in front of them. When told to “look up” they will have to raise their head and look directly at another student in the circle. If 2 students’ eyes meet, they must both jump backwards and scream at the top of their lungs, rendering them out of the game. The game goes on until we have one or two winners.

What Worked: The game was fun for about 2/3 of the group, and singing was well-received. Our lesson time, though brief, gave way into some deep conversations in each group about salvation. A few teens have been struggling with being sure of their own salvation and our leaders were able to walk through some of that struggle with them. Impromptu karaoke at the end of the evening was another hit for our crew. And on top of it all we received many evaluations from students covering the past 9 months of ministry to help us in planning the next year together.

What Needs Work: The third of the group that did not engage in the game was a disappointment. It has been some time since we have had students helping to lead our music portion.

Summary: As a finale to the How to Read the Bible series, I have mixed feelings. Some parts I feel were good, but others were hitting with a thud. The exhaustion from students about the series has been palpable these past couple of weeks, and I am sure that they are glad to be finished. But those conversations in [LIFE Groups] were phenomenal…

Student Numbers: 20

Leader Numbers: 5