They Just Don’t Get Baptism

I caught this article (if you can call it that) on tonight. In this very brief piece, the author talks about Bart Scott asking Tim Tebow to baptize him, and ends with the statement: “Salvation should be right around the corner.”

Now, I know this was a humorous jab at the situation, but could the author at least have taken a couple of minutes to make certain he was correct in his jab at Christianity? I glanced through the comments for the article, and after 6 pages (10 per page) I had only read one statement that corrected the final line (I did find a few more on the seventh, and one person asking the ever-flawed question “could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that He couldn’t eat it?”). Now, I do not expect the NFL article boards to be flooded with theological debate. But it saddens me that a practice that is nearly synonymous with Christianity is still so misunderstood. True, we are not a Christian nation, but the Christian faith is popular enough that it is hard not to know something about it.

Don’t really know where I was headed with this. Just felt like writing tonight, I guess.