The Prophets

This week was the penultimate session in our How to Read the Bible series, which will run between now and the end of May.

Set List: Every Move I Make, Isaiah 6, Open the Eyes of my Heart

Scripture Used: Isaiah 20.1-6; Ezekiel 37.1-14

Additional Resources Used: Lesson Bump Video

Evening in a Sentence: The Prophets have a unique, often misunderstood place in the Old Testament, and their message still resonates today

Element of Fun: Look Down, Look Up. Students will gather in a circle, facing one another. When given the command to “look down” students will look at the ground in front of them. When told to “look up” they will have to raise their head and look directly at another student in the circle. If 2 students’ eyes meet, they must both jump backwards and scream at the top of their lungs, rendering them out of the game. The game goes on until we have one or two winners.

What Worked: Tonight was a much smaller night than we have been having lately, but that allowed us to have some good time in fellowship and conversation. We had one student come out (her first time since Fall Fest last October) because another student had invited her to come. Our music was good, and our [LIFE Group times was great. The game (Look Down, Look Up) was enjoyed by most.

What Needs Work: There are still a handful of teens who are coming that I am struggling to figure out. They are quick to get themselves “out” in the challenges, they hang back from the group during our dinner time and they are visibly disengaged during the rest of the evening. We were also down on leaders tonight due to school awards banquets. Our students are feeling the fatigue of our How to Read the Bible series (only one more week).

Summary: This week was a different animal, and while there was a lot to be improved upon, it was not a bad evening of ministry. 13 teenagers were here, and at least 8 of them seemed to leave with more of a connection to God than they had when they arrived.

Student Numbers: 13

Leader Numbers: 3