Old Testament Narratives (Tuesday Night Recap, 5.8)

This week continues our How to Read the Bible series, which will run between now and the end of May (which will feature our Graduation Banquet for the class of 2012).

Set List: Blessed Be Your Name, God of Wonders, Our God

Scripture Used: 2 Samuel 11, Exodus 20.14, Judges 13

Additional Resources Used: Lesson Bump Video

Evening in a Sentence: Old Testament Narratives are interesting, but there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Element of Fun: Clothespin Mixer. Students are given 4-5 clothespins each and are instructed them to pin them on their own sleeves. When the music begins, the object of the game is to get all clothes pins off themselves and on to someone else. Turn off lights and turn on loud music. When the lights come on, one or two people should have about 100 pins on them – pull them up and parade the winner.

What Worked: Tonight was another good entry in our How to Read the Bible series. Students are catching on to the recap segment we have each week. Our challenge was very successful (though we did have one teen who was uninterested in participating). Music was exciting and our group really got into it this week. One student (who will be graduating soon) joined in on vocals this week, and he has never sang in front of our group before. The announcement video was well-received (especially the part where I shared my hair-shaving from the Famine). [LIFE Groups] were very good, especially the guys as they considered Samson’s narrative. They (most of the students) got it tonight.

What Needs Work: We could probably do a better job of setting up the room to accommodate our plans for the evening. Dinner needs to get away from pizza as a fall-back.

Summary: This week  was a very good week for us. Students were engaged, they were asking questions, and offering honest input. And many of them got the point of the lesson, challenging them to come to the Biblical narratives from a fresh perspective.

Student Numbers: 22

Leader Numbers: 6