The Payoff

A couple weeks back several teens from our student ministry completed the 30 Hour Famine (and my evaluation is forthcoming. Just trying to sit down with Kelly and break it all down together). As incentive for our teens to meet their goal of raising $2,000, I offered to let them pick a color to dye my hair and would then allow them to select how my hair would then be styled (read: shaved). I posted pictures on Facebook, and a few teens recorded their own videos (and one posted it that very night). It was the most activity one80’s Facebook page has seen all year! Since those first pictures were posted, there have been a handful of people who have shared how encouraging it was for them to see that I followed through on my word. It surprises me that keeping a promise as simple as this stands out as something big to the world, but I am glad that something small that I did has left a positive impact on people for the church. Especially with all the negative impact that I have seen (and been on the receiving end of) over the years.

If I could do one thing over, I would have selected one person to run the camera ahead of the actual shaving (there were a total of 3 different camera operators). Here is the video