The Law (Tuesday Night Recap, 5.1)

This week continues our How to Read the Bible series, which will run between now and the end of May (which will feature our Graduation Banquet for the class of 2012).

Set List: Lord Reign in Me, I Will Worship (Worthy of My Praise), Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Scripture Used: Matthew 5.18; Matthew 22.35-40; Romans 7.7-9; Galatians 3.24; Exodus 20.13; Matthew 5.21-22

Additional Resources Used: None

Evening in a Sentence: The Law is something that is often overlooked by Christians (unless you happen to be quoting the 10 Commandments), so how much of it are we supposed to follow in our lives?

Element of Fun: No big game tonight, but at the end of the evening I honored my promise to our group that if they met their fundraising goal of $2,000 for the 30 Hour Famine, I would dye my hair pink and allow them to shave my head into some weird hairstyle.

What Worked: Being outside really was a lot of fun for our group tonight. They were engaged in the material, provided thoughtful answers and most sang while we were in our time of music. Seeing my hair pink was a highlight for many, and shaving it was even better for most. We had what felt like the largest group we have had in a while, and there was a real excitement in the air. Exploring the full implications of the Law (such as “do not murder”) really hit home for many of our teens, and challenged them to change how they interact with people this week.

What Needs Work: The weather could have held out better for us. We could have gotten more in depth with murder in [LIFE Groups].

Summary: Tonight was a lot of fun, and serves as a reminder of why we invest into our teenagers.

Student Numbers: 24 (2 more showed up right at the end)

Leader Numbers: 6