The Digital Age

When the David Crowder*Band broke up last year, I wondered what would happen to the guys I have been following for years, since discovering them at the National Youth Worker’s Convention in Pittsburgh years ago. Seriously, years! I was a freshman in college…

Anyway, just Tuesday I discovered that 4 former Crowder*Band members were in the process of starting a new band, dubbing themselves The Digital Age. Curious, I surfed my way over to their website, and I must say that I am very pleased with what I found. They have built (are still building?) their own recording studio/company, and seem to be just as committed to their faith and to the artistry of creating music as an avenue to share their faith that the David Crowder*Band was known for.

I really am interested in seeing where these guys go with this idea. So far I have been very impressed with the two songs they have shared on YouTube. Check out their website and watch the videos below:

How Great Thou Art

All the Poor and Powerless