Wisdom Literature (Tuesday Night Recap, 4.24)

Set List: Open the Eyes of My Heart, Love is Here, Your Grace is Enough

Scripture Used: Ecclesiastes 3.1-8; Ecclesiastes 2.17-26; Proverbs 21.22; Proverbs 24.14; Proverbs 15.1; Proverbs 14.2; Proverbs 14.7; Job 15.20

Additional Resources Used: Video bump as a transition into the lesson time

Evening in a Sentence: Wisdom Literature has a specific niche in Scripture, and knowing what that niche is can help us to utilize Wisdom Literature as God intended it to be used.

Element of Fun: Dollar Surprise. One or two people have a dollar. Everyone walks around the room shaking hands. Each individual who has a dollar passes it off to the tenth person they shake hands with. If you get the dollar, pass it off to the tenth person. When the music stops, the person with the dollar gets to keep it.

What Worked: There was a lot that did work tonight. Our numbers were up, which gave us more enthusiasm during our worship segment. The teaching landed well with students, and they responded well to the exercises that we did in [LIFE Groups] to put what we learned in large group into practice. Dinner gave us a good time of fellowship. The Famine continues to be an exciting point for our teens. Teens ran our sound and video boards almost exclusively, giving them some ownership over the night.

What Needs Work: We were missing a leader, which lent our tech display to be a bit behind where it needed to be at times. There was also a couple of students who were too focused on themselves during the worship, distracting the people around them. The game was not an overwhelming success.

Summary: Tonight was a good night for us. Students were given solid guidance on how to read Wisdom Literature, and were given an opportunity to put that guidance into practice. They know who is wise, now it is up to them to seek to gain wisdom themselves.

Student Numbers: 24

Leader Numbers: 5