Change-ing Our Perspective (one80 Tuesday)

Set List: Every Move I Make, Holy Is the Lord

Scripture Used: Ecclesiastes 5.10-15, Matthew 6.19-21, Matthew 25.23; Genesis 22; Hebrews 7; Numbers 18.26; 2 Corinthians 9.7; Luke 21.1-4; 1 Timothy 6.17-17

Additional Resources Used: 30 Hour Famine video

Evening in a Sentence: God wants us to honor Him with the first of our finances.

Element of Fun: Who Wants to be a Fraction of a Millionaire? Just like the game show (Who Wants to be a Millionaire?), a contestant will answer trivia questions for money. The prize money starts at a quarter, and works up to $10.

What Worked: Who Wants to be a Fraction of a Millionaire was again a success with the group. Music was a very strong point for us this week, with students getting very involved in singing. The Famine continues to gain steam and momentum. The lesson itself landed very clearly in front of our teens, forcing them to evaluate how they give financially to God. Some were a little hesitant to share, since they do not have regular income, and others do not want to let go of what they do have. But all were challenged. One [LIFE Group] agreed that 10% is a very small amount for God to ask for from us, and can definitely be done. Dinner provided us with some excellent time of fellowship. Cleanup at the end was swift, and students enjoyed hanging out together at the end of our evening.

What Needs Work: We were again missing a couple leaders. There were 4 students who did not come into the building, opting instead to invite a friend who is too old for one80 to come play basketball with them. It could have been a solid opportunity for growth for the 5, but in talking with them it did not seem to be that at all. It seemed to be simply 5 guys playing basketball.

Summary: We were able to build off of some of the momentum we closed with last week. Many students who were here this week were here last week, and received the full impact of the lesson. Many teens responded positively to the challenge, and we are seeing evidence of God at work in their lives outside of Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. It was a great evening for one80.

Student Numbers: 25

Leader Numbers: 5