The Rival Conceptions of God

And here we start to arrive at who God is (according to CS Lewis). I say start to arrive because Lewis is once again taking a very deliberate pace to arrive at his point. In this essay he starts his exploration of God by pointing out the two main conceptions of who and what God is. On the side of pantheists, god is above concepts of good and evil, and has animated creation with himself. In other words, everything in existence is god because it is animated by god – it is a part of him. On the other side of the coin are the Christians (and the Jews and Muslims) who teach that creation is merely a work of God. He created it and gave it life, but He himself is not the creation. (in truth, if He were the creation would that not make Him less than God?)

I like how Lewis paints this broad picture. He shares that as an atheist he tried to disprove both of these views, and in the process discovered that one was right. God did create the universe as a painter creates a painting, and we as human beings have messed it up. There is much in this world that goes against God’s will. He gave us a moral law to measure good and evil, just and unjust against. Otherwise we would all believe like the pantheists do, and declare that nothing is truly evil, we just have not arrived at the viewpoint of the creator yet.

I for one am glad that Lewis discovered all of this for himself. Otherwise the world might have missed out on some really great theology.