Between Palm Sunday and Easter

An evaluation of this week’s Tuesday night meting.

Set List: I Will Worship (Worthy of My Praise), Our God, Mighty to Save

Scripture Used: Zechariah 9.9, John 12:12-16, John 12.19

Additional Resources Used: 30 Hour Famine video, Palm Sunday video, Good Friday video (I will post the Skit Guys Videos tomorrow)

Evening in a Sentence: We explored how Israel saw Jesus, and were disappointed that He did not fit into their box, and how we do the same thing.

Element of Fun: Anyone Who. Sitting in a circle, one student calls out a classifying item (clothing, appearance, experience, etc.) and anyone who has/has experienced that classifying item changes seats.

What Worked: Having a smaller number tonight really freed us up to be more flexible with our schedule. There was a wealth of conversation in [LIFE Groups], much of it deep. Music was a quiet success. The videos all landed exactly as they were intended to. Students interacted with the Scriptures well. There was a feeling of joviality and friendship throughout the evening. Students really seemed to allow the weight of Holy Week rest on their hearts, and were challenged to not take it for granted. The excitement and interest in the 30 Hour Famine and CHICAGO 2012 was electric, and a few students left very interested in getting on board with both opportunities. Most of our guys are rising to the challenge to increase their personal time with God.

What Needs Work: There was some rudeness in the guys’ group that had to be squashed. We were missing three leaders due to sickness and travel. We did not get off to a strong start for the evening.

Summary: Though we did not start well, we finished strong. Students heard the Scriptures, were challenged to respond, and some very vocally wrestled with where they stand with God. (And ultimately those who did wrestle out loud were encouraged by our leadership). I would call that a successful evening.

Student Numbers: 16

Leader Numbers: 4

Bonus: 30 Hour Famine Video