What Lies Behind the Law

And now CS Lewis begins to angle a little bit more toward Yahweh.

In this chapter, Lewis continues to build upon his argument for the Law of Nature that I have already written about. He goes on to bring science into the discussion, as there have long been two views on how the universe came into being: The materialist view and the religious view (he shares in a note at the end of the chapter that there are beliefs in-between these two, but he desired brevity in the original radio address). The materialist view argues that the universe was created through a series of random chances, while the religious view states that all of reality came into existence because a mind willed it to. (As of yet, Lewis has refrained from labeling this mind as being the Christian God, he will get to that). Lewis also makes a rather convincing argument that science cannot prove which view is right. Science is all about observation and experimentation on observable things. To determine the existence of whatever moved behind the creation of the universe is impossible from a scientific standpoint (science cannot prove the existence of God, nor the existence of random chance. We suppose these things exist, largely because of our own observations).

Lewis is quick to point out that science has a place and is very important. He even argues that science can help us understand the existence of the Law of Nature. We have an inside track on humanity, since we are humans. We can understand ourselves better than we can understand anything else on the planet. By observing ourselves (internally) we can see that this Law of Nature really does exist, telling us what we should do, especially when we are not doing what we should be doing.

I think my favorite piece in this essay was when Lewis explains why science cannot prove or disprove a power outside the universe which has created the universe we reside in. Such a power could not show us itself to us as a fact within the universe any more than an architect of a house could be a wall or a staircase inside the house that he has built. The only way we can expect God to show Himself in our reality is through His Law placed in our souls, guiding and directing us in the ways that we should go.

And we do find that inside of ourselves. Some label it as being the conscience, but it is God’s stamp on our souls, trying to help us line ourselves up with Him so that we may one day be able to see the architect of our reality face-to-face.

And I find that incredibly comforting.