Overcome Hunger (Tuesday Night Review)

Set List: Trading My Sorrows, I Will Follow, Thy Mercy My God is the Theme of My Song, Hands and Feet

Scripture Used: Matthew 19.14, Mark 10.14

Additional Resources Used: Overcome Hunger video, Teen Affluenza video, March one80 Link video, Broken Compass Ad

Evening in a Sentence: There are people all around the world that are dying of causes that can be easily eliminated them, so let’s get involved and do something!

Element of Fun: Random Racers game

What Worked: Our music was great tonight. It could have been the smaller room, or perhaps it was just the Spirit moving our teens. Most of the teens in the room were excited to get on board with the mission of the Famine. Dinner outside was a great idea. The hunger quiz went well, and students really seemed to learn from it and were surprised at some of the answers. There were great questions asked all around the room.

What Needs Work: [LIFE Groups] were missing, and their absence was felt. There were a few times when we struggled with teens who wanted to talk instead of listen. Most students were not willing (or able) to stay after and help set up tables or clean up the room.

Summary: Great evening for a Famine Kickoff. We were able to explain what it is and helped our students to catch the vision (one wants to raise enough money to feed 200 children for a year… which totals $6,000). There was a lot about tonight that we are able to celebrate, and a lot that will keep momentum going for many of our students in the coming weeks.

Student Numbers: 22

Leader Numbers: 4