Sacred Romance: Questions for the Panel

Set List: Your Love Never Fails, Our God, Your Love is Extravagant

Scripture Used: 2 Corinthians 6.14-16, some referencing divorce were referenced in answers.

Additional Resources Used: None

Evening in a Sentence: Our teens have questions about love, sex and dating, so we invited a couple of couples from the church to answer those questions.

Element of Fun: None formally.

What Worked: Tonight went relatively smooth. Our students really seemed to engage with our guest panelists, and asked some great follow-up questions. And our adults seemed at ease sharing experiences from their lives that were relevant to this evening’s questions. Dinner provided students with a good atmosphere to have conversations. One student had a great additional question (Is it right to get a divorce if the couple has “fallen out of love?”) that though sensitive and possibly divisive, was handled beautifully by our panelists. There was a great response to our call to ask students who are interested in helping run the 30 Hour Famine to seek Kelly out tonight and talk to her about it. Our panelists offered to take questions after the evening was over if any students should have more. The audio recording seems to have worked out great and should be available soon.

What Needs Work: Our music seemed flat as most of our students did not seem to engage. At least one of the three songs was new, so that could be a part of the issue. But we continue to struggle with engagement in areas of music. There were times when students struggled to focus on the panel while they answered questions.

Summary: This week was a good week. Our numbers were down, and there were some rough patches, but our students really benefited from hearing other voices from our church on the subjects of love, dating and sex. It was a beautiful example of the church coming together and doing life alongside each other, not just relegating the teaching to a few individuals.

Student Numbers: 21

Leader Numbers: 5 (+4 adult panelists)