Sacred Romance: What is Love (Tuesday Night Recap)

Set List: Your Love is Everything, Our God, The Heart of Worship

Scripture Used: John 3.16, John 15.13, 1 John 4.19, John 13.23, Matthew 5.29

Additional Resources Used: Nooma 002|Flame (The link is to a YouTube copy of the video. The video is poor and there are subtitles, but you can hear everything)

Evening in a Sentence: Love is so much more than we understand it to mean in our world today.

Element of Fun: We ran a Pepsi commercial which featured Haddaway’s “What is Love?”

What Worked: All of our students seemed eager to talk about what love is and what it is not. I was impressed with the varied opinions of the guys, who had about half of what I wanted to teach already in place. The discussion overall was a great success, almost too successful. Students seemed to grasp the concept we were trying to teach (love is not simply an emotion, but a choice to sacrifice, and we only love because God loved us first). There was great discussion in the guys group about whether or not atheists can love. We collected several good questions before the night was out which should be fun to answer in a couple of weeks. The Nooma video was well received, and it served as a nice bookmark for our discussion on the Hebrew and Greek forms of love, as well as set us up for future discussions on dating and sex.

What Needs Work: Our music suffered a little bit tonight, being away from the Sanctuary and teaching a new song. Students were fairly respectful during the singing portion, but seemed to lack a passion. The discussion time (though we gave 50 minutes) seemed too short and we rushed our finale. Student focus was down in our large groups, requiring several reminders that I needed them to be silent in order to hear what was being said, and at one point I even declared that if they had questions about one of the announcements I gave they could ask later or listen better the first three times it was given.

Summary: Tonight was rough. We were out of our regular environment, and the topic itself was difficult at times to grasp. Though there is definite room for improvement, I feel that a lot of teens left tonight with a more solid Biblical understanding of what it means to love someone.

Student Numbers:24

Leader Numbers: 4

Bonus: The Pepsi Commercial We Used