Tuesday Night Recap (How to Read the Bible: Parables)

Set List: Awakening, You Alone Can Rescue, Marvelous Light

Scripture Used: Mark 4.1-20, Luke 10.25-37, a few other parables were referenced

Additional Resources Used: The Luke passage was shared in audio format (The Bible Experience)

Evening in a Sentence: Parables can be tricky to understand, so we need to take care in how we interpret them.

Element of Fun: The Penny Challenge. we have used this one before, and it was met with virtually the same amount of excitement since the prize this time around was a $5 bill.

What Worked: The Penny Challenge was fun, and though I was filling in on music and could not get a real read on the room, it seemed as if there was some real connection in our worship time. The message was easy to share and simple enough to understand, yet challenging enough that it made our groups think. Giving our LIFE|Groups a solid 30 minutes was a good move, and led to good, deep conversations. Closing with a song really served as a great capstone for the evening. Our tear down of the room went much quicker than I expected. And on top of all that, we were blessed to welcome a few new faces, and welcome back a few other faces who have just started coming during our @ the Movies series. Introducing informational cards to collect student contact (and some personal) information was a beautiful move. I do not know why we did not do it sooner! And to top it all off, our leadership was able to meet for prayer before the evening began.

What Needs Work: Follow up on those student cards. And keeping an eye on our clock a little better at the beginning of the evening. Missing our lead worshipper (and junior high sponsor) due to sickness.

Summary: Tonight was intentionally low-key after a month full of up-tempo teaching and high-energy evenings. And it worked beautifully. Students engaged and went home challenged and encouraged. New students came. Newer students are bringing friends with them. All in all, tonight was an incredible evening.

Student Numbers:26

Leader Numbers: 6