one80 at the Movies: To Save a Life

Set List: God of Wonders, By Your Side

Scripture Used: None officially, several were referenced

Additional Resources Used: The second half of the movie To Save a Life

Evening in a Sentence: God calls us to serve as His hands and feet in the world, so how can you do that in your world?

Element of Fun: In the Movies, like the other games this month it was a guys vs. girls challenge where students had to be the first to identify a location in a film based upon clues about that location and the movies it was in. The guys won in points, but because they tried to steal the prize before the game began I docked their winning points (I warned them before we started that I would dock 2 points if they won by two or less, and they did indeed).

What Worked: Watching a significant portion of the movie was a definite plus. Students were excited to be able to immerse themselves in the film, and it led to some deep discussions. Dinner being served during the movie was another positive change of pace, and it created a very relaxed atmosphere that allowed students to really engage. The game was enjoyable, and there was a large amount of teens who registered to win the To Save a Life prize pack. Students were largely respectful and engaged during our time in worship through music. The film really connected with a lot of our group, and led to some great discussion about how it impacted them. There were a couple of new teens here tonight, and even a potential new leader to help with our overflowing senior high girls group!

What Needs Work: We got a slightly later start and ran a little light on LIFE|Group time.

Summary: The evening was a very strong finale to our series. Students were engaged, shared their insights, and genuinely enjoyed the evening. Our new students really seemed to respond well, and our new potential leader seemed to leave impressed and excited.

Student Numbers: 30

Leader Numbers: 6 (+1 potential leader)