They’re Back!

Okay, this really is not new news (especially if you are a fan of Five Iron Frenzy), but one of the most influential bands of my adolescence is back. Five Iron Frenzy has created some of the deepest, most challenging and most worshipful songs in my entire collection. They have also crafted some of the most entertaining and amusing songs as well. Their music has helped me grow in my own life, and I have been able to use it in my ministry to teenagers as well. FIF disbanded in 2003 and have explored other options on their own since then. I followed lead singer Reese Roper’s work with Roper and braveSaintSaturn (largely because of his ability to write deep and moving songs) and was overjoyed to find that Five Iron was coming back!

This time around they are self-producing the new album and used Kickstarter as a fundraising source. If you have never heard of Kickstarter, go check it out. It is a clever idea and has great potential. The band was looking to raise $30,000 for their album and had 2 months to do so. The project was fully funded in less than 55 minutes! Since then they have raised almost 7 times the amount they needed for the project. Check their page out!

I share this to say that I am very excited to see what FIF will be bringing to the table when their album releases in 2013, and to draw attention to Kickstarter. I hope to explore their services myself in the near future, possibly for our church (gotta see what their rules are). Five Iron is making music again, and they are following in the footsteps they laid out for themselves years ago when they used to sing against the evils of how corporate America can run, especially record companies.

Creative people using a creative avenue to produce and share what should be amazing music that brings glory to God. I cannot wait!