Blast From the Past: DCTalk

For Christmas I received an iTunes gift card. I used that card to purchase (among other things) DCTalk’s first album. Now, I used to own this CD years ago, and the cassette before that. In fact, this was (to my memory) the first real album that I owned for myself (not a family tape). The tape has long since gone the way of all other early 90’s media, and I loaned the CD out to a friend a few years back and never got it back. So I finally got around to replacing this album. I find that I have not missed a beat, and I still remember nearly every word (not terribly difficult since there are only 8 tracks). This alum was a huge part of my early years as a Christian. I used to perform a couple of the tracks as part of a travelling ministry group (puppetry, clowning, drama, etc.).

I have been loving it.

Not for the 90’s-era music stylings (okay, 1989). Though the music is beyond what passes for a lot of rap these days (especially gangsta-rap, if that term is still appropriate), I do  appreciate why my parents were so relieved when I discovered other musical acts. But lyrically the content is still incredibly bold and in-your-face, and surprisingly deep. A very evangelistic effort. About a week ago our Senior High went on a Destination Unknown trip, and I offered this album up to the teens as an example of early Toby Mac. I didn’t get to make it past “Heavenbound.” Teens today.

Anyway, I discovered the music video for Heavenbound on YouTube. I did not realize that they had produced a video! So, in all its late 80’s/early 90’s glory, I give you DCTalk!