After posting WordPress’s year in review report on my blogging activity last week, I was struck with a thought, which led to more thoughts.

The first thought was that I have really been pretty dormant here on From the Brainpan. I mean, I have had so many thoughts and experiences and adventures this past year that I almost feel that I was too busy to write about them. And that is not a bad thing. Really. It means that I am enjoying the life that God has blessed me with. My family, my ministry, my own walk with Him… they have all been flourishing this past year. And I have been able to enjoy that. But it got me away from blogging.

You see, I originally got into blogging as a creative exercise for my brain. I love to write and I love to share with the people around me. Sure, I tend to me more of an introvert than an extrovert (at least when it comes to my energy replenishment needs), but I loved sharing. That has not changed. Along the way I hooked up with Tim Schmoyer and provided a lot of resources for him to give away over at And I found that I loved being a resource to people. I even managed to field a few questions and requests on my own that seemed to help people. So my blog went from basic journal to resource hub. I shared of my experiences and uploaded pictures and videos of my experiences. I even started utilizing my YouTube and Vimeo channels to facilitate this sharing. (Thought I really do not use the YouTube channel much anymore. In fact, I have a second channel that I have forgotten my login information for). I started thinking constantly about how I could take basic every day experiences and share them as teaching moments for others who read my blog. Not to be arrogant, but as a way to really look for God in all of life’s experiences. I started a media review blog, calling it Redemptively Reviewed (originally posted through Blogger, currently through WordPress and renamed Brainpan Reviews). That was fun, and I found myself watching and listening to media simply to review it.

I discovered that I could utilize my blog for personal Spiritual development by sharing my thoughts on deep theological things and asking for input. I could use it as an avenue for reviewing and recapping my ministry experiences (midweek meetings mostly, sometimes trips and retreats) that others could gain benefit from. I used it as a vehicle to share pictures and videos of my family. In fact, the tagline for my blog took on this persona. “Student Ministry, Marriage, Family, Entertainment and anything else that comes to mind.”

But somewhere along the way my passion for blogging died down. I still want to write. I still want to share. But I feel like I lost focus. Perhaps I was trying to share too much. Maybe I was paralyzed by choosing what to offer. Perhaps I had gotten tired of seeing that several people would read a post and not answer questions I directed at them to share their opinions. Maybe I got tired of people berating me for asking honest questions about Joel Osteen. (Nah. I kind of like reading comments that people leave who got their hackles raised by simple questions).

I just am not certain. But I do know that I want to get back into blogging regularly.

In the past I have tried to institute ideas of posting specific types of posts on certain days, but I soon discovered that my life simply does not line up around that idea very well. Sometimes it just didn’t fit. But I don’t want to post something only once a week. So I have no concrete posting schedule. But I want to try posting something every day. Even if it is simply an observation about something I see or read.

There are a couple of things that I want to continue, and some new things that I want to add. Every other week I plan on posting about a chapter in CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity. On opposing weeks I will seek to post on a chapter from Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. I want to post more on my journey through Scripture (I have a pretty intense plan this year, and I am finding more and more that I want to share). And I want to continue posting about my weekly adventures in ministry, so look for the Tuesday recaps to continue. I have strongly considered migrating my media reviews over here as well. And who knows, maybe I’ll work a little bit on redesigning the blog. I have been wondering if it might be time to do so.

Beyond that, I just want to build consistency. I would love to craft a community here at The Brainpan that is encouraging and challenging. So please, continue to read my rambling thoughts. Answer questions I may ask of you. Share my posts with friends. Use any resources I offer and let me know how it goes with them. Because post number 1,000 is not that far off.