one80 at the Movies: The Dark Knight (1.3.2011)

Set List: Your Grace is Enough, Shadows, Amazing Love (You Are My King)

Scripture Used: Romans 3.23, Romans 6.23, Isaiah 53.3-6, Galatians 1.3, 2 Corinthians 5.18-21, 1 John 2.2, 1 Peter 3.17-18

Additional Resources Used: Clips from The Dark Knight, clips from To Save a Life, The one80 Link for January

Evening in a Sentence: Batman took on the sins of one man. Jesus takes on the sins of every human being.

Element of Fun: Still Crazies, where individual scenes from popular movies are built one piece at a time and teams of students have to guess the movie first to gain points. Good fun this week. One team won 7-3.

What Worked: We had pretty much the entire worship band together tonight, and with Autumn stepping back into the leader’s role the music seemed to flourish. The movie clips were well-received, and there was a lot of good discussion amongst the teens who were here tonight. Popcorn was a hit. In fact, the whole theater atmosphere seemed to be a good thing. Starting with the Dark Knight worked well for many of our teens, as it seems to be a favorite. There were a couple of new faces, and a few returning faces that we have not seen in a while. Many of the students really seemed to grasp the idea of substitutionary atonement and what it means in their life today.

What Needs Work: Some of our girls have not seen the movie in its entirety, and had difficulty relating its points into their life. Some of our Junior High guys were using their phones to play games rather than engage in the discussion time with their LIFE|Group. Our Senior High girls LIFE|Group has already grown to a number that needs to launch a new group and we need another female leader to do so.

Summary: On the whole, there was enough excitement and buzz amongst the crowd for me to label this week a success. Yes, we did have some rough spots, but the point was driven home for most, and I personally was able to engage in a few conversations afterward with students that allowed me to see that they had already begun to think about the ramifications of Christ taking on their sins.

Student Numbers: 29

Leader Numbers: 5 (with one special guest adult)