Tuesday Night Recap: December 27, 2011

Set List: Lord Reign in Me, O Come Let us Adore Him, Awakening

Scripture Used: Matthew 14.13-21, Mark 6.31-44, Luke 9.10-17, John 6.5-15

Additional Resources Used: Advent 2011: Haven House video

Evening in a Sentence: What are the Gospels, and what makes them both so special and different from the rest of the Bible?

Element of Fun: Clap, a game in which one student had to guess the action everyone else in the room wanted them to do by acting out their own ideas. (A bit confusing, probably not a keeper)

What Worked: Having drums in our praise team tonight helped the attitude and excitement in the room tremendously (especially during Awakening). The game (thought confusing) provided a lot of laughter. Our LIFE|Groups had great discussion while they read and compared the 4 Gospel passages. The teaching time produced a lot of great questions (as did my own time with the Senior High and Junior High guys). Many students were attentive and displayed a fair grasp of what the Gospels are. Our one student who answered my trivia question in this month’s one80 Link video was able to receive her prize and that caused a lot of interest in what the next challenge might be. There were one or two students present that we have not seen in a while.

What Needs Work: Even with a diminished group this week, there was still a lot of distraction that caused us to stop and break the flow of teaching.

Summary: Most everyone was able to connect with tonight’s material. And there is a lot of excitement for our Super Series starting next week (one80 @ the Movies).

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 5