Tuesday Night Recap: December 13, 2011

Set List: O’ Come All Ye Faithful, The First Noel

Scripture Used: A lot. 

Additional Resources Used: The Follow the Star experience from Sacred Space: A Hands-On Guide for Creating Multisensory Worship Experiences for Youth. Several hands-on elements

Evening in a Sentence: Tonight we invited students to guide themselves through several stations which used the Magi following a star as an analogy for how they themselves should follow after Jesus.

Element of Fun: Body Parts. Name That Tune: Christmas Song Edition. I invited one student and one leader up on stage to identify 6 different Christmas songs. Our leader won.

What Worked: Just about everything. Many of the students seemed very excited at the idea of being able to slow down a little bit and focus on their relationship with God. There were 9 stations and each one centered on a different aspect of their walk (how close are you to God? What is holding you back from following Him? What are your prayers for Him? etc.) with God. Some of the stations were very popular and students had to wait in line to take part in what the station had to offer. There were many great discussion that grew out of this evening’s prayer stations, and some great challenges were given.

What Needs Work: There were some students who seemed as if they did not want to take the evening seriously, and at times became a distraction for the group. On the technical side, we were without the ability to use instruments on the first night in weeks that we had the full band present, and elected to sing a couple of Christmas Carols a cappella.

Summary: Most of our students really seemed to enjoy this evening and saw it as a good challenge to their faith. Some opened up about their mediocre status with God and saw a need to grow more. Everyone truly had the opportunity to go home and get exactly what they wanted out of tonight.

Student Numbers: 27

Leader Numbers: 6