Tuesday Night Recap: December 6, 2011

Set List: Meet With Me (Heibert), Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy) (Tomlin), O’ Come, O’ Come, Emmanuel (mp3 of David Crowder*Band)

Scripture Used: Matthew 25. 1-13, referenced Romans 15.12-13, Luke 3.4-6, Luke 2.7-15, John 3.16-17 & John 1.29

Additional Resources Used: The video The Digital Story of the Nativity (embedded below), images from Marko’s blog post on the 27 Worst Nativity Sets

Evening in a Sentence: Tonight we explored what Advent is by walking through what it was for Israel to wait, how that applies to us and what the candles we light during Advent mean.

Element of Fun: Body Parts. Christmas Movie Mixer. 4 different cards with a quote from a famous Christmas movie were distributes, and teens had to find others with the same quote by repeating their quote out loud, and then determine what the movie was. We also shared the pictures and video already shared above.

What Worked: Students were in high spirits tonight, so a lot of our more relational aspects benefited. LIFE Groups seemed to go very well with a lot of good discussion. Community was experienced during dinner. Splitting up the time in music seemed like it opened up more time for LIFE Groups to meet and chat. The video and nativity images went over well. Students seemed to enjoy the mixer, though they have responded better to other games. There were also several students who were eager to share their insights when prompted during our lesson time. Having one leader “patrol” the area where the more… eager… teens were seemed to quiet them enough to be able to hear what was going on.

What Needs Work: There were a few students who seemed to want to control the lesson time, or at least ignore what was going on and hold their own conversations while others were sharing their thoughts on a question. There was not a lot of passion for our music this week. From a clock-watcher’s standpoint, we did not do a great job on starting on time.

Summary: It seems as if everyone walked away with a little more knowledge of what Advent is all about. Though there are a few who feel that the symbolism and imagery we utilize is cheesy, they still hold to a belief that Jesus is indeed their Savior and Messiah. Overall, I walked out of the room satisfied that we had taught correctly, and that we had fostered an environment where community could happen. I believe this was a good evening.

Student Numbers: 24

Leader Numbers: 7