Moses: Declassified

Starting this Sunday our Senior High Sunday School class will be starting a new study. We typically would simply walk through a book of the Bible together, reading, studying and applying it to life together. (So far this year we have explored James and Philippians, as well as a two week exploration of obesity and taking care of the bodies that God gave us). But a while back I asked for input on what our group would like to study, and Moses was one of the selected topics. I searched a few of my trusted destinations for ready-made curriculum and came up empty, so for the next three weeks I am crafting a study that will hopefully help our Senior High students see Moses in a new light. Here is what I have plotted for the series arc:

Week One: Moses as Archetype
Moses’ similarities to Jesus
Moses’ Similarities to Modern Heroes (Superman)
Delivering Israel from bondage

Week Two: Moses as Sinner
Moses the Murderer
Moses the Doubter
Moses’ Anger
Moses’ Consequences

Week Three: Moses as Saint
Moses speaks with God (bush, mountain, his face is glowing!)
Moses leads Israel
Moses on the mountain with Jesus (the better promised land?)