Tuesday Night Recap: November 29, 2011

Set List: Blessed Be Your Name (Redman), Better is One Day (Redman)

Scripture Used: Psalm 138; multiple other Psalms referenced

Additional Resources Used: The Video You Are With Me (embedded below)

Evening in a Sentence: Tonight we dove back into our once-a-month series of How to Read the Bible by exploring what makes the Psalms so different from much of Scripture.

Element of Fun: Body Parts. Students walked around while music played and when the music stopped I called out two body parts (head to foot, etc.) and the last 2 students to touch those two body parts were eliminated.

What Worked: A lot of stuff seemed to work tonight. Even with the larger crowd there was focus and attention paid to the lesson time. There were several students who allowed themselves to get caught up in our time of singing praises to God. We were able to give our LIFE|Groups adequate time to explore Psalm 138 and study it within community. Dinner provided a wonderful opportunity to spark up conversations about life, and at the end of the evening we had many students stick around to help put the Sanctuary and the glass corridor back together. We even were able to welcome one new student to our Tuesday night crowd (and welcome back one or two who we have not seen in a while).

What Needs Work: We could still stand to find some more passion in our singing, and there were a few comments I overheard at points in the evening that could have been more gentle.

Summary: A great evening. We spent time studying the Scriptures together, we praised God together, we prayed together and we shared a meal together. Ultimately, I feel that we experienced life together.

Student Numbers: 27

Leader Numbers: 6