Tuesday Night in Review: November 22, 2011

Set List: Everlasting God, O’ Praise Him, God of Wonders

Scripture Used: Psalm 95.1-6 & Psalm 100

Additional Resources Used: Race This! Race Game

Evening in a Sentence: Taking some downtime together before the busyness of the holiday season gets too hectic

Element of Fun: Race This! race and a game of Shuffle the Deck

What Worked: We were able to stick to the schedule! Music really seemed to catch tonight. Sharing stories of the excitement I encountered in the worship at NYWC felt good. Our teaching time was well received, and featured a fair amount of discussion. We had a lot of help putting the sanctuary back together at the end of the night. But perhaps the best portion of the evening was our time spent sharing a meal toward the end of the evening. The fellowship seemed to be exactly what our group needed. There was open conversation, and fellowship, and a real feeling of community. The time spent in LIFE|Groups seemed very rewarding (at least mine did).

What Needs Work: There are some that would say we did not spend enough time in LIFE|Groups tonight. There was a bit too much distraction during the teaching portion of the evening.

Summary: A very good evening this week. The community really felt great, and there was a sense of belonging for all.

Student Numbers: 22 (ish. I do not have the numbers in front of me)

Leader Numbers: 6