Tuesday Night Recap: November 8, 2011

Set List: Every Move I Make, Meet with Me, O’ Praise Him

Scripture Used: Philippians 4.8-9

Additional Resources Used: Impossible (Anberlin), Grenade (Bruno Mars), Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood), Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO), Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO), Monster (Paramore), Playing God (Paramore), Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones), Roll Up (Wiz Khalifa), Beautiful, Beautiful (Francesca Battistelli), Fast Five Trailer, I Am Number Four Trailer, NCIS Season 7 Recap, The Office Clips, Step Brothers Trailer, Teen Wolf Season Finale Trailer, The Fast and the Furious Trailer

Evening in a Sentence: Giving students a chance to ask the 5 questions of their media choices on their own.

Element of Fun: We played a quick round of “Two Truths and a Lie.” It did not go over well.

What Worked: Students really seemed to enjoy listening to the music and watching the videos. I cannot see that many put a lot of work into asking the questions though. There was open discussion about what the messages of the media were, and how that lines up with God’s desires. Having extra musicians on board (compared to what we normally have) was a great thing. Nearly all students took their notebook for asking questions home, and I have since heard of one or two that are actually using it on their own. The object lesson at the end definitely left an impact and seemed to drive the point home that we need to be discerning in selecting our media.

What Needs Work: There was a lot of resistance from many students to actually ask the questions, particularly about their favorite pieces of media. The object lesson was misinterpreted by a handful of teens who missed the point and got upset with me instead. Though we had more musicians tonight, the room was very… hesitant and almost resistant in their praise. It is as if we took ten steps back from where we have been. Our environment for the evening could have contributed to that.

Summary: This was a rough week. There was a lot of work put into it, and some got a lot out of it. I cannot expect all the students to be at the same level of spiritual maturity, and it showed through tonight. My prayer is that tonight will have sown seeds to remember.

Student Numbers: 22

Leader Numbers: 6