Tuesday Night Recap: October 18, 2011

Set List: Lord, I Lift Your Name on High, Days of Elijah, Cry of My Heart, Wholly Yours, Shadows

Scripture Used: Genesis 1-3; Revelation 20-22; Matthew 22.30; Mark 10.29-30; Luke 8.19-21; 1 Thessalonians 2.19-20; Luke 16.19-32

Additional Resources Used: Heaven (Randy Alcorn); Heaven is Not My Home: Learning to Live in God’s Creation (Paul Marshall & Lela Hamner Gilbert); The Great Divorce (CS Lewis)

Evening in a Sentence: Answering the dangling questions left over from our Heaven & Hell series.

Element of Fun: We played a game called The Penny Challenge (inspired by this game found at The Source for Youth Ministry)

What Worked: I could feel a real sense of comfort, unity and even excitement in the air this week. I think that can be attributed in part to students finally getting used to me and my teaching/leadership style, but mostly to the Spirit moving through us tonight. The format of answering questions went over very well, though it did cut into LIFE Group time (more so than I had wanted);. But we did get all the questions answered. And started a new collection of questions for next month! The Penny Challenge was a huge hit, with many students wanting to play again. We will definitely pull it out again soon. The ideas for LIFE Group outings are flowing free for many of our groups. The Xbox/Wii continues to be used to good effect. Adding music into the glass corridor during the meal was a great idea and we will continue to do so in the future. I am even considering recording some audio announcements to splice in between songs for one80 programming and events. And students really asked a lot of great additional questions this week (in addition to the already amazing questions we had collected).

What Needs Work: Having musicians show up early enough for a proper sound check (and prayer), and making sure that next time we anticipate an abbreviated LIFE Group time.

Summary: This week brought the closure to Heaven & Hell that I had hoped for last week. It also sparked a host of new questions that we can use going forward. Hopefully it has generated a real desire to continue asking questions for our students.

Student Numbers: 20-22 (I do not have the names in front of me at the moment)

Leader Numbers: 7 (one special guest leader)