Questions About Heaven

This week we wrapped up a two-part series that explored heaven and hell. Since there were many questions raised, I collected them and promised to answer as many of them next week as I have time for. I was pleasantly surprised at both the volume and the depth of the questions that I collected. I thought I would share them with you. Feel free to weigh in on any of the questions and share your thoughts on what the answer should be…

  • Why would God make sin? Like why would He want it?
  • Do old people get younger in heaven?
  • Are the streets really gold in heaven?
  • Can Quincy stop poking me?
  • Do you constantly feel pain in hell? Why?
  • Would heaven or hell ever run out of room?
  • Why did God make the earth to begin with?
  • What is God preparing for us in heaven?
  • In heaven are all the people old because you die when you get older?
  • I have heard that if you are married on earth you won’t be in heaven, and if you have siblings or family here on earth you will not in heaven. Is this true?
  • Will you need to sleep in heaven?
  • Will you have names in heaven? Will they be the same or different?
  • Is it possible to go to hell once you are in heaven?
  • Is there a second chance to escape hell?
  • Can we see angels? What about ghosts?
  • If we are still alive when the rapture happens and only our spirit goes up to heaven, will we know that it actually happened?