Tuesday Night Recap: October 11, 2011

Set List: Victory Chant, Better is One Day, God of Wonders

Scripture Used: John 18.36; Revelation 21.2; Psalm 103.19; Psalm 8.3; Luke 23.42-43; Luke 16.19-32; John 14.1-3

Evening in a Sentence: Does our view of heaven line up with Scripture’s view?

What Worked: We had Jen for most of the night! Moving elements of the evening around really seemed to make students more receptive to different parts of the evening. It also challenged leadership to be flexible. We got to see a couple of students return after a couple of weeks away. The new element of fun was humorous, though not as hilarious as I had hoped. The lesson topic was a good choice and it sparked a ton of great questions from students that I will be answering next week. Music this week flowed very well, and the engagement was solid across the whole crowd. The Wii was utilized, and dinner (as well as the birthday cake) were great discussion tools prior to starting. Tying things up by giving students space to reflect while Autumn played through How He Loves really put a solid cap on the evening. Teens loved the Cornerstone Youth Challenge Highlight Video.

What Needs Work: Everything was abbreviated with our dinner problems (not cooking fast enough) which I believe led to the teaching being… somewhat confusing and incomplete. There were a few teens that I discovered (after I had arrived home) that were not arriving at 7:45 like I believed, but had been in the building since at least 7:00.

Summary: Not the solid wrap up I was hoping for, but I am hopeful that next week’s ASK night will tie things up nicely.

Student Numbers: 18

Leader Numbers: 7