Tuesday Night Recap – September 20, 2011

Lesson Title: Prophet, Priest & King: King

Set List: In the Secret (Park), No One Like You (Crowder), God of Wonders (Hindalong, Byrd)

Scripture Used: Genesis 21.22-32; Deuteronomy 17.19; 1 Samuel 11.5-11; 2 Samuel 14.1-11, 15.2, 19.18-23, 23.3,4; 1 Kings 2.3; Daniel 3.1-6, 29

Evening in a Sentence: Jesus was King… is He king in your life?

What Worked: I think one of the best parts of the evening was having students act out their scriptures that explored the responsibilities of an Old Testament King. Our LIFE Groups fostered good discussion about our topic (and even some other topics). Music was a high point, with students getting into the lighthearted nature we had during that time. Dinner seemed to foster a good atmosphere for building relationships. Dividing our acting groups according to LIFE Groups really served to help a lot as well.

What Needs Work: Tonight’s music was a bit rough. We need to stick to the rule of playing on Tuesday only if practiced on Sunday. We struggled again to get students into the sanctuary at 6:20 since we had an elongated sound check.

Summary: Tonight was a strong finale to the series. I am excited to see how next week goes. I am also excited to see how students are applying what we teach each week.

Student Numbers: 21

Leader Numbers: 4